[Career Coach 101] Coronavirus: Should I continue pursuing my job search?

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected all of us in many ways. It has created a lot of questions about our health, the health system, the economy and, of course, our interactions and social distancing. In particular it has placed job seekers in another level of uncertainty. A successful job search involves efforts related to a more effective version of the resume, maximizing LinkedIn and improving interviewing. And now within this new reality a lot of people are wondering: Should I continue pursuing my job search?

are companies hiring?

The short answer is “YES”! Many companies are hiring! Due to new social distancing norms and requirements, online shopping has spiked. Amazon recently announced that they are adding 100, 000 employees. And grocery chains are finding difficult to keep up with demand. The healthcare industry is desperate for new hires for crisis management, medical assistance and patient advocacy.

FastCompany: Who is hiring during the Coronavirus?

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implications for your job search

One implication for your job transition may be refocusing your target job title and/or industry. Job postings online are rising rapidly for workers with skills in health care, community response, crisis management and cleaning. The Federal Government is always looking for talent. And while some jobs may be temporary to manage the crisis, there is always the possibility for a permanent hire.

Glassdoor: U.S. Coronavirus Outbreak-Related Job Postings Triple in Last Week

USAJobs: Find a Federal Government Job.


First: Stay positive: we will overcome this situation! Don’t let stress, anxiety, and fear take over your life. Now more than ever we need to act rationally.

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Then: Listen to the experts! There is plenty of chatter and advice especially online. But how much of it is based on facts?

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Finally, how about helping a Not For Profit organization? NFPs can use all the help they can get to help the community through this crisis.

Washington Post: How you can help during the coronavirus outbreak!

If you are thinking: “Coronavirus: Should I continue pursuing my job search?” think no more and let’s do what we need to do. Let’s move forward!


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