[Career Coaching News] Freelancing: A growing trend in 2021!

See the source imageAre you considering freelancing in 2021? You are not alone! It is a growing trend in 2021: within and post pandemic! According to Forbes, 2021 can be the perfect storm for freelancers. Technology, the Pandemic, and increased organizational acceptance of remote work have opened the doors for many to channel their skills, experience and professional interests as freelancers. If you are one of those who have been “thinking about it”, this can be the right time and opportunity.

Before you jump in, however, here are some tips to help you move forward:

  • Analyze your financial situation. The probability is that success (and income) will not happen overnight.
  • Fine tune your skills. You can use online resources to make sure you enhance your skills before your marketing effort.
  • Consider volunteer work to start building your brand. There are many organizations who will appreciate pro bono work.
  • Promote yourself on Social Media. The goal is to get your message out there (not to go viral) to as many people as possible.
  • Follow up with potential clients. Your goal is to be top of mind when they need your services.

You can also use online resources to help you find the right gig:

  • LinkedIn ProFinder: A platform where employers post their projects and freelancers can bid on them.
  • Monster: A massive, all-encompassing job site focusing on full-time work as well as temporary and freelance gigs.
  • TopTal: Popular within the startup world, TopTal vets freelancers before they can participate, offering top-tier, selective jobs for designers and developers.
  • Care.com: A network of people looking to hire caregiving jobs, from housesitting and petsitting, to senior and child care.
  • Upwork: A global freelancing platform for freelancers to post their work and portfolio in an array of fields, from accounting to design and development work.
  • Fiverr: Freelancers offer their skills.

With hard work and a little luck you can also be on the path to freelancing freedom!


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