These are the applicable Terms and Conditions for purchase of Products and Services from this website. Please read carefully. My intention is to establish a mutually beneficial working relationship and I will make all possible efforts to accomplish that.


The Products and Services advertised on this website were developed by and are the exclusive property of the author: Raul Velazquez, Ph.D. Documents related to these services may not be transferred or used for other purposes other than the Coaching/Client relationship. Documents will be delivered in Portable Data File (.pdf) format to clients and will be available for download for up to twenty-four (24) hours after purchase. Coaching services will be delivered face-to-face when possible and/or virtually using telephone and/or video conferencing tools as available.. While there is no claim or guarantee of success for the client, these products were developed based on research and the experience of the author. The products and processes are designed to increase the probability of success in the client's Job Search or Career Transition. They are not a guarantee of success.


Payment(s) placed on this website will not be reimbursed. I will provide the service(s) to the client(s). Any personal client situation(s) will not constitute reason(s) for reimbursement(s).


Client personal data collected on this website will only be used for processing orders, delivering services and/or internal statistical purposes. Client personal data collected on this website will not be sold or transferred to any third party. All client personal data collected will be considered private and maintained confidential. The personal data collected will be limited to client name, eMail, and/or telephone number. Client credit card data will only be used by the third party electronic payment processor and will not be maintained on this website.


Client eMails will be collected and used for provision of services and communications with clients and subscribers. Subscription to the eMail list is voluntary. Proper mechanisms will be provided at all times for subscribers to unsubscribe whenever they choose to.


Coaching services will be provided face-to-face and/or virtually to clients within the continental US. For clients outside of the continental US, services  will be provided virtually as allowed by communications facilities (Telephone, eMail, Internet).