Have you ever thought of doing your own thing? You should! Throughout history, there are many freelancers who have have pursued their entrepreneurial dreams and have been successful. And there will never be a better time.

Whatever your entrepreneurial path forward may be, keep in mind that it will not be quick or easy. Here are some resources that may help you move  forward.



Upwork.com  Freelance professional jobs.

Toptal.com Freelance jobs for software developers, designers, and finance experts.

Freelancer.com  Freelance jobs for web design, mobile apps, virtual assistants, product manufacturing, and graphic design.

Guru.com Connect and collaborate with employers.

99designs.com Submit design proposals for contract work.

iFreelance.com Freelance jobs for writers, editors, coders, and marketers.

SimphyHired.com Offers a wide range of job offers.