[Career Coaching News] Work From Home(WFH): The New Critical Skillset!

Work From Home

The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced many of us into remote work. We have adopted Work From Home (WFH): the new critical skillset. Indeed defines Work-From-Home as work done outside of a traditional office environment. Also referred to as remote work or telecommuting. While this new paradigm has served its purpose it has not come with its own set of advantages and controversies.

Business leaders have taken different stances and approaches towards Work From Home. In a recent article, MSN discovered that the remote-work model has gained significant traction throughout the pandemic. But it is clear that big organizations do not unanimously embrace it. However, in a recent survey conducted by Growmotely, 61% of respondents said they prefer a fully remote environment. Nobody knows for sure how this controversy will evolve but here are some initial implications.

  • Smaller cities and communities are turning into ‘Zoom towns’. They are competing with coastal hubs as workers move to find more space and lower costs

WSJ: Remote Work is Reshaping America’s Urban Geography

  • Some cities could become the biggest winners and losers as more Americans shift to remote work

MSN: These Cities Can Become Big Winners or Losers

  • Technology like Zoom and Slack ease the pressures of social contact. WFH could make jobs much less stressful for people on the Autism spectrum.

WSJ: Remote Work Means Vast Possibilities for Autistic People

  • Recruiters are looking for certain critical skills in the new WFH environment.

TheListTV: 3 Critical Skills Recruiters Are Looking For

  • The line between work and life can become even more blurry.

TheListTV: Maintain Work-Life Balance

  • Some employers are saying “Maybe we will pay you the same!”

CNN: Will you get paid the same working from home?

  • As the COVID-19 Pandemic evolves so will the Work From Home(WFH) paradigm. It will take a new shape and meaning for all of us. Work From Home is probably here to stay!

Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta: WFH Is Onstage and Here to Stay


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